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Smart and strategic client advocacy in criminal and family law matters.

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We are experienced family and criminal lawyers servicing North Lakes and surrounding Brisbane regions. 

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Our specialist law services ensure our clients are supported every step of the way through their personal legal matters.

The Preston & Associates team understand family and criminal law processes can be overwhelming. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and will work closely with you to build a mutually respectful relationship. 

We undertake a thorough analysis of your legal situation and tailor our legal services to your individual case for the best possible outcome. 

Preston & Associates legal practice areas.

Our experienced lawyers provide clients with practical advice and professional representation in family and criminal law areas. 


Children & parenting

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Surrogacy & guardianship

Separation & divorce

Separation & divorce

domestic violence lawyer

Domestic violence issues

International family law

International family law

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Property & financial issues

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Prenup & financial agreements

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Criminal & traffic offences

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Our expert advice and empathetic approach will offer you peace of mind and equip you with the information you require to move forward.

We also offer flexible meeting options, including Skype and weekend and hours options (by appointment only).