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All You Need to Know About Divorce and Separation: Family Law in North Brisbane

Divorce and separation are never simple. Whatever the cause of the split, the emotional process can be challenging, and the legal aspects of separation and divorce can seem daunting. This is our advice on planning for the improbable as a service to you.

Divorce vs Separation – Family Law in North Brisbane

What is the difference between separation and divorce?

The legal dissolution of a marriage by the filing of an application with the Federal Circuit and Family Law North Brisbane Court of Australia is referred to as a divorce. All links to the formerly married parties are severed after the Federal and Family Court of Australia grants a divorce application. Contrary to divorce, separation marks the end of a union that was never acknowledged by the law. Even a breakup may result in legal repercussions depending on the type and duration of your partnership. 

Why are separation and divorce so painful?

Even while the question may seem clear, the solution is complex and multifaceted. Of course, both divorce and separation include some level of emotional agony. Feelings of loss, anger, despair, and denial are common following the end of a relationship. In terms of living, parenting, and financial arrangements, there is also frequently a significant amount of change. 

Financial loss and change may have a big influence when it comes to dividing up financial assets. For instance, switching from a two-income household to a single income might affect daily living arrangements and decision-making. Those going through divorce and/or separation may feel a range of emotions, so it’s crucial to be nice to yourself, get advice from trained specialists, and get emotional support.

Possible reasons for separation or divorce

Every divorce is unusual and unique, and it’s frequently brought on by a number of causes. Nonetheless, the following list of causes of divorce and separation is possible:

  • Love and commitment deteriorate with time.
  • Either a breakdown in communication or a rise in conflict and quarrels.
  • Cheating or adulterous relationships.
  • Absence of closeness.
  • Domestic abuse or violence (emotional, verbal, physical or financial).
  • Issues with money or finances.
  • Addictions.

The Emotional Stages of the Divorce

According to some Brisbane Family Law Court sources, there are at least five phases of mourning after a separation or divorce. The first of these phases is denial. 


Contrary to common belief, denial doesn’t include rejecting reality or the truth. One or both parties may just find it too difficult to digest or emotionally accept the experience of separation or divorce. A person may be in denial and not completely recognise the separation is happening due to a variety of factors and feelings. 


Once a person has gone through the denial stage, it’s typical for them to start feeling angry. It is typical to feel angry, especially in situations when there has been adultery or some linked violation of trust in the relationship. 


There may be instances throughout a separation or divorce when you feel helpless or defenceless. Such strong feelings might cause our thoughts to try to take back control or decide how things will turn out. In these situations, a person may begin to ask questions like “what if” or “if only” in an effort to discover answers and take charge of the issue. 

Depression and Acceptance

After the more active stages of rage and bargaining, the last two stages take place. It may seem that the mourning process is quieter during the depressive period. The intense grief felt after the separation or loss may lead to depression. Getting beyond this phase will lead to acceptance. It may not suggest that the individual is content with the separation or divorce, but rather that they have come to terms with its reality and are starting to understand what it means for their current way of life. 

Tips For Coping With Divorce And Separation – Family Law in North Brisbane

Give yourself a break

Whether going through a separation or divorce, regardless of the causes, it is a terrible period. It’s crucial to take a vacation from yourself and give yourself room to feel your emotions. Expecting to quickly bounce back or disregard the experience is unrealistic. Embrace your emotions and realise that they are natural. 

Take time to explore

We fear change. You must thus allow yourself enough time to consider your alternatives and consider your new way of life. Don’t hesitate to make changes to your life that will make you ultimately happier and healthier. But, don’t hurry into things.

Love and validate yourself

Although practising self-love and affirmation may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is crucial. Giving yourself the sensitive self-love and care you deserve is crucial since the divorce and separation processes may have a substantial negative influence on self-esteem and confidence. 

Don’t blame yourself or the relationship

When anything goes wrong, the need to place blame is strong. Yet, this is never beneficial. Avoid blaming yourself or your relationship. It’s simple to look back and tarnish your whole relationship with your ex-partner. Yet, developing such a habit might hinder your capacity to advance and build new connections. 

Move forward and be positive

Though it may seem straightforward, being optimistic is never simple. Although the legal processes for separation and divorce differ in Australia, this does not always imply that one is simpler to move beyond than the other. Yet, if you allow yourself to go forward guilt-free and with optimism for the future, you could discover that you feel and live a bit better. Go for Family Law Courts Brisbane with us.

Embrace the change

Some people find it easier to accept change than others. It’s crucial to realise that accepting change does not lessen its magnitude or its hardship. Yet accepting the transition, flaws and all, will make things a little bit simpler.

Talk to the expert

Make sure you seek out professionals if you require general or emotional life assistance. Experienced counsellors and psychologists are prepared to assist clients as they navigate the difficulties of divorce and separation. Having the support of seasoned legal counsel will guarantee that your financial and parenting concerns are addressed as well from a legal aspect. 

While You Are Apart From Your Spouse, Here Are Some Things To Think About

Parenting Arrangements

While finalising a separation or divorce, parenting arrangements are a crucial factor to take into account. Discuss the management of your parenting arrangements with your attorney.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

After a divorce or separation, it’s crucial to organise your wills and powers of attorney to make sure your estate is handled according to your wishes when you pass away.

Depletion of Assets

Similar to this, you cannot be certain that your estate will be managed in accordance with your preferences without adequate legal stipulation about the depletion of your assets.

Safety and Concerns – Family Law in North Brisbane

Even if it’s not always applicable, be sure to work and connect with support agencies that can help if you have legitimate worries about your or your family’s health and safety. 

As you embark on this transformational path, remember the significance of expert support. Seeking assistance from seasoned legal professionals, such as Preston & Associates, ensures that both the emotional and legal aspects are handled with care. From parenting arrangements to estate management, the journey forward necessitates comprehensive planning and understanding. Embrace the opportunity for growth, healing, and a new beginning as you navigate the intricacies of divorce and separation.
At Preston & Associates, we stand by your side as trusted advisors, offering the guidance you need to make informed decisions during this significant transition. Our commitment to your well-being and empowerment is unwavering, ensuring that you emerge from this process with newfound strength and clarity. Get the best lawyer at Family Law Court Brisbane only at the website of Preston & Associates. Visit now!


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