At Preston and Associates we understand the importance of offering a range of pricing options to tailor for diverse client need.

The costs associated with each case will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the matter, however we will endeavour to provide you with a cost estimate which is within an accurate range based on our extensive experience in legal practice.

We aim to provide our clients with value for money with practical cost effective legal solutions.

We predominately charge professional fees at an hourly rate however we do offer fixed fee and deferred fee** options in specific circumstances. During your initial consult with one of our experienced lawyers, we will discuss our billing options with you, and explore which billing method is the most appropriate for your matter.

We pride ourselves on communicating openly and directly with our clients about our fees to avoid confusion and to promote customer satisfaction.

** Please note that conducting a matter on a deferred fee basis is only offered in limited circumstances. Such matters will be assessed on a case by case basis by our Principal Lawyer. We advise that we reserve the right to withdraw our agreement to proceed on a deferred fee basis, in the event further enquiries reveal that there is insufficient equity in the property pool to cover the costs of your legal fees.