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Initial Consult

Arrange an initial consult with one of our experienced lawyers.

If you are recently separated or contemplating separation, or require assistance with a criminal law matter, we suggest arranging an initial consult with one of our experienced lawyers.

During your initial consult, we will obtain comprehensive information from you in relation to your circumstances and get an understanding of your needs and how you would like to resolve your matter.
We will then provide you with thorough initial advice specific to your matter, and offer guidance as to the pathways available to resolve your matter.

Our expert advice and empathetic approach will offer you peace of mind and equip you with the information you require to take the next step in moving forward.

We charge a one-off reduced fee for our initial consults:
  • Family Law (Parenting and Property): $330   
  • Domestic Violence Matters: $220
  • Criminal Matters: $220

Why book an initial consult with Preston & Associates?

One-off reduced fee for initial consults

Flexible meeting options including Skype

Weekend & after hours (appointment only)

Our Criminal Law services.

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